How to get minecraft for laptop

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So you’ve bought Minecraft and spent some time mucking around in a blocky wonderland—and now you want a little more out of the experience. The steps vary from mod to mod, so you’ll want to follow the instructions listed on the particular mod you’re looking for, but the general technique is the same. The Minecraft community developed those three tools to enable mods to function properly. Open the folder titled ‘bin’, and look for the file ‘minecraft. When you find it, make a copy of ‘minecraft. If something goes wrong, you’ll want a clean copy to start over with. You’ll see a long list of files in a new window.

Follow the instructions provided by the mod at this point: For the WW2 Guns mod, you’ll copy all of the ‘. The last and most important step: Delete the ‘META-INF’ folder inside the ‘minecraft. Minecraft will just crash when you start it up. Close the file when you’re done.

This particular mod requires collecting materials, so if you want to see whether it worked, create a new world in Create mode, and spawn a few guns to see them in action. The Bukkit wiki offers instructions, as well as a pair of simple applications that will get you started without any code-wrangling. The second option is a bit more robust. Once it’s running, the app will list all of the plug-ins that it finds.

Whichever option you choose, installing mods is simple: Download one, and dump it into the ‘plugins’ folder that either app creates. The official Minecraft forums’ Mods section is a good place to start looking, if you just want to browse new, popular additions to your experience. The mods can range from adding new blocks and tools, to introducing full-fledged conversions that turn Minecraft into an entirely new experience. These are conveniently arranged into categories, which simplifies the task of tracking an individual item down. I’ve already linked to the World War 2 Gun Mod, and that particular forum post offers up a lot more in the same vein. Found a mod that you can’t live without? To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

PCWorld PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. You can’t add mods to the Windows 10 or console editions of Minecraft, but both the Java Edition and the Pocket Edition support mods. In order to run mods on your Windows or Mac computer, you’ll need to install the correct version of Minecraft Forge.

This program allows Minecraft to utilize installed mods. If you want to use mods for Minecraft 1. 2, then download and install the recommended version of Forge for Minecraft 1. Download a mod that you want to use. Go to a Minecraft mod site, find a mod that you like, and download the mod in question. Make sure the mod is for the same version of Minecraft as Forge or it may not work. Make sure that you don’t download anything that hasn’t been verified as safe by the website’s community.

Find the downloaded mod file in your computer’s normal downloads location, then click it to select it. The mod file should resemble a Java logo on a white background. If the mod file downloads in a ZIP folder, you’ll first need to extract the file before selecting it. Double-click the Minecraft app icon, which resembles a block of dirt with grass on it. The Minecraft launcher will open and update if it’s out of date. As of January 2018, the latest launcher release is version 1.