Lego minecraft village

Circles are soo beautiful my square world is now complete with circles. 596 radius test lego minecraft village out with smaller get a patern down then expand.

14159 then mak a lon ling that is the radius of 596 multiply by pi and there u go make an pluse that is that big then put lines on the ends conect in a circular way and wamo ur done if ur bad at math and fail well thats ur problum. Thank you for putting this up it was awesome of you. Anonymous If it appalls you so much make you yourself? Minecraft definately is a square world. Time to liven it up with some circles and spheres. LMFAO stop trolling and make it your self if u have a problem with it.

Nice, this really helped me, and I’m sure, a lot of others. Is the number provided the radius or the diameter? I kinda sorta love you for this, random person. Any one found an oval one?

Does anybody know how to make the 50 diameter circle an actual continuous circle, to where there are no breaks? Or how to make it 2 blocks thick, instead of one? OK, this mod is just fantastic. In the distance you can see a road which goes to Lakewood. I found a new Lego kit by the renown architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe of his famous Farnsworth House. I was sent a link to a great website for designing minecraft projects and in particular circles and ellipses.