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Update Aquatic Minecraft’s minecraft app video get their biggest update yet! MINECON EARTH An Epic Minecraft Livestream!

MINECON Merchandise Get the coolest MINECON merch here! Our friends at Venture Beat asked us to do some digging for Minecraft trends, and we quickly discovered that it’s no exception. Released in 2011, Minecraft has sold over 70 million copies worldwide making it the third best-selling game of all time. As shown in our Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian posts, news and events can often affect the volume of porn searches for a particular topic. In 2015 we found two such events that caused an increase in searches for Minecraft porn. Around May 21, 2015 over 3 million people were duped into downloading a fake version of Minecraft.

The app contained malware so the story was broadly covered by the media at that time. A new version of Minecraft featuring Microsoft’s hololens was being shown live the next day at the E3 Expo. Clearly, this had Minecraft fans excited in anticipation. So what are they searching for?

In the interest of science, we looked to see if Minecraft porn actually exists on Pornhub. It turns out, yes it does. We’ll leave that up to your imagination, or you can head over to Pornhub and search for it yourself. The most popular searches don’t always indicate what type of videos exist, but rather the type of videos people want to see.