Minecraft circle diagram

Minecraft circle diagram approximate diagram of a Kerr black hole’s structure. Special Containment Procedures: Autonomous Orbital Station Riemann-002 will monitor SCP-3230 from its orbit around SCP-3230-A.

AOS R-002 will send all obtained data to Orbital Area-11 for analysis by the SCP-3230 research team, the Extrasolar Activities Division, the Physics Department, and the Esoteric Physics Department. In the event that the fusion reactor and backup energy systems on AOS R-002 experience irreparable malfunctions, the station will periodically deploy a specialized flywheel into the ergosphere1 of SCP-3230-A. Due to SCP-3230’s location, it is not expected to be discovered by civilian or governmental organizations. Standard amnestic and disinformation protocols will be performed in the event of discovery. Description: SCP-3230 is the collective designation for multiple anomalous black holes and related phenomena, located 13 megaparsecs from the center of the Local Void2. SCP-3230-C are objects moving at speeds of 2c. The objects move by distorting spacetime in a spherical region around them, displacing them through space at superluminal speeds.

SCP-3230-A and SCP-3230-B experience 3230-TRYPA Events, each of which lasts 42 seconds and repeats immediately following its conclusion. SCP-3230-C instances exit SCP-3230-A and enter SCP-3230-B instances. 21-31 seconds: Tachyon emissions originating from SCP-3230-B instances enter SCP-3230-A. 31-42 seconds: SCP-3230-C instances will exit SCP-3230-B instances and enter SCP-3230-A.

No major alterations between events have been observed. 1: On 25-August-2025, Autonomous Exploration Satellite Yau-009 was transported from Orbital Area-11 to high SCP-3230-A orbit via the Thaumic Transportation Gate on AOS R-002. Following five days of preparation, the satellite was sent into SCP-3230-B1 for explorative purposes on 30-August-2025. Contact was lost until 2-September-2025 when AES Y-009 exited the anomaly. This exit time was significantly sooner than what had been predicted. The time dilation normally generated by black holes is large enough that a subject passing the event horizon could experience one hour while billions of years pass in the outside universe. AES Y-009 experienced two hours inside with four days passing outside, indicating a highly abnormal spacetime topography for the anomaly.

SCP-3230-B1 served as an intra-dimensional wormhole. 7 The satellite exited out of a different Kerr black hole, entering a region near the center of the Pegasus Void. SCP-3230-A has been redesignated to SCP-3230-A1 and the new instance has been classified as SCP-3230-A2. Plans to enter additional SCP-3230-B instances is pending approval. 6-September-2025, the probe has discovered thirty SCP-3230-A instances via travel through SCP-3230-B.

As it has been determined that travel at high superluminal speeds is a safe method to navigate SCP-3230-B instances, the travel time between SCP-3230-A has been drastically decreased. All discovered SCP-3230-A possess the same number of SCP-3230-B and experience 3230-TRYPA Events. All SCP-3230-A and SCP-3230-B have identical properties. Gathered astronomical data has shown that each instance is located in a cosmic void, commonly near the centers of them. Full details are in Document YAU-009-EXP. A segment of the Epsilon Radiation Detection Array, used in 3230-TRYPA Event tachyon analysis.

The analysis of tachyon emissions from SCP-3230-A instances has been of interest to the SCP-3230 research team and the Heimdall Council, after theories were posed that they could serve as a method of communication between SCP-3230-A instances. Based on past research, alternations between two different tachyon wave frequencies over time could form a binary sequence, which if properly decrypted can display data in the form of images. However, the sequences are highly complex and can be displayed in many ways, the simplest being a 6-dimensional image. Procedure: AES Y-009 will follow standard safety and operational procedures for SCP-3230-B exploration. All measuring devices and cameras will be enabled, using Foundation bots to remove LDD-induced distortions from footage and data. AES Y-009 is thirty minutes into the mission and has entered SCP-3230-B2.