Minecraft custom skins

2 adds many new items and features. Minecraft custom skins it works primarily for singleplayer, it is multiplayer enabled. The tools are used to create new NPCs, mob spawners, and even copy them.

The rest of the items are mostly used for aesthetic purposes while the weapons deal similar damage to the vanilla weapons. This mod includes extra features such as factions, roles, and jobs, dialogues, and a quest system. There you can remove the npc wand recipe or create recipes for the other items. Click on the slot, in which you stored your npc, to spawn a copy of it. Can be setup to only turn on if you havent done a certain quest or read a certain dialog. Place a waypoint down give it a name and give it the same name in the location quest.

The other items are mostly just for dressing up your npc or for quests. Some of them actually work for players, but I didnt want to put too much time in them so most of them are pretty simple. Watch the video for most of the items. For the most part are exactly like swords. The bronze variant does the same amount of damage as the iron one, but is less durable.