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Lyra is a mint-green background pony with a lyre for a cutie mark. She is often seen with Bon Bon and is well-known for sitting like a human on a bench in the episode Dragonshy which has inspired multiple memes and character portrayals. Lyra’s appearance in Dragonshy has provided much of the basis for the character’s portrayal. She is usually depicted as an oddball compared to other characters with an interest in humans. Numerous fan works depict her studying human culture as a scholar or attempting to prove their existence.

Due to her cutie mark, she is often depicted as a musician. She occasionally appears alongside Vinyl Scratch and Octavia in this capacity. The My Little Pony dog tags depict them together on a single tag. Slice of Life, the 100th episode which pays tribute to the fandom, depicted Lyra and Bon Bon as best friends. After the episode Call of the Cutie introduced several new fillies, and because Lyra attended the cute-ceañera, some of these foals were taken to be children of Lyra’s and Bon Bon’s. Another filly imagined to belong to the couple was Sweetie Belle. That particular piece of fanon was never widely accepted, however, and dashed entirely when the episode Stare Master confirmed Sweetie Belle as Rarity’s sister.