Minecraft family 12

2 is a hugely detailed mod that turns your Minecraft experience, both single and multiplayer, into an RPG in which you can interact with villagers in a whole new way. Minecraft sometimes feels lonely and there is a mod out there to change this and that is the minecraft family mod! This real life family simulator mod has all the things needed minecraft family 12 make yourself a family in minecraft!

You can marry someone, get a job and even become the town murderer! This mod based off real life in Minecraft. Get married, have a family, get a job, and run your village and hire villagers to do daily chores in Minecraft. Villagers are either males or females who look and act like humans. You can interact with them in a lot of different ways, like chatting, asking them to follow you, asking favors, and trying to be romantic. Your character will develop his or her role in the village depending on how you choose to have them act. You can marry villagers if you get your relationship high enough.

Married couples can have children who will do many chores for you. In single player and LAN, you can marry other players and have children with them too. Hardcore mode gives you a top-secret feature. Play the mod and find out what it is! You should install this mod if you are a fan of games like SIMS and other life simulators, or just really like developing relationships with people.

You can still interact with villagers as you could in unmodded Minecraft! Trades and other interactions still work normally. Each villager is male or female with a unique name. Talk to villagers, tell jokes, give gifts, and more.

Trade using the default Minecraft trading system. Have a baby boy or girl with the villager you marry. Babies grow into children, who can perform chores. Children can mine, farm, cut trees, and hunt for you. Over time, children grow into adults. Your children can grow, get married, and have children of their own.

Interact with villagers having a multitude of personalities and moods. Watch your villages grow before your eyes. Villagers will interact with each other, get married, and have children. Marry and have children with other players in multiplayer. Crafting Recipes: Wedding Ring: Craft a wedding ring to get married to a villager.

Remember you can craft an engagement ring before getting married to get gifts! Rose gold can also be used to craft wedding rings. Engagement Ring: Craft and gift an engagement ring before gifting a wedding ring to get special gifts from nearby villagers. Rose gold can also be used to craft engagement rings.