Minecraft funny pic

Site minecraft funny pic moved, please click here. Almost all of the hostile mobs have been affected in a way that they now have abilities similar to the enderman.

The only upper hand you got is the fact that they are afraid of water so make sure to bring an extra bucket of water on your next adventure! It must be some kind of sickness which is causing this. Monsters also look different and their behaviors have been radically changed to resemble those of an enderman. No one really knows the root cause for these issues but it’s clear that something ain’t right. Monsters have gained the ability to teleport and this makes them almost unstoppable.

Also skeletons and zombies are no longer affected by sunlight. The only way to stop them is to make sure that you’ve got some water with you. The Ender Dragon has never before been more powerful. Here are some of its new abilities. They are designed similar to the wings of an ender dragon.