Minecraft gold block toy

This addon lets you create up to four different armies of minecraft gold block toy soldiers who will fight one another in an epic battle. You can give each toy soldier different roles on the battlefield by upgrading them to other classes. That makes it a game of great strategy, and especially if you choose to use this addon for multiplayer.

The toy soldiers are small, two-legged creatures which exist as four different teams. All teams are hostile toward other teams. If you play this in multiplayer it’s ideal to assign one team per player. The throwing one throws a point.

The Placeable one lets you place a point. And the point is just for holding. Credits to Vladu11 for the system from his RC car add-on. Here are the different toy soldier teams.

Classes You can upgrade a toy soldier to another class by giving it sugar or an arrow. Battles You can watch the teams fight it out in an epic battle by simply breaking the wall which once divided them. As soon as that’s done they will quickly start the battle and fight until it’s just one team last standing. This add-on is suited for four players as it would let up to four different players build their own army and then involve them in a battle. Toy Mounts Sheep have been replaced by toy horses which toy soldiers can use as mount. They will only mount them if there’s an enemy team anywhere near and it gives the toy soldier more speed while attacking. Toy horses are attracted by wheat.

The yellow team has to be spawned in a dark place since it replaces the creeper. This is an early version and as a result there are quite a few things which are still in the planning stage. But you can definitely expect some cool updates to come soon. The mod is inspired by the Clay Soldiers Mod for PC. THIS ADDON HAS AN UNSAFE DOWNLOAD LINK.