Minecraft ideas for a city

Are you looking to create a fun adventure in your very own backyard? Do your kids place more value on their videogames than the real world? Minecraft is one of the minecraft ideas for a city games for kids. Whether your kids are into Minecraft or not, this article is sure to get them outside for a fun adventure.

My kids have been creating adventure maps on Minecraft for a long time now, so I thought it would be fun to create a real-life adventure map in our backyard. This fun activity caused my kids to abandon their friends on Skype and leave their Minecraft characters at the mercy of Creepers and Zombies—for a little while, at least. A backyard adventure map is essentially a treasure hunt, but in addition to finding clues, you throw in a few activities and riddles to make the quest a little bit more difficult, just like in Minecraft! 8, and still learning how to write, so forgive the grammatical errors! I’ve found that by translating my kids’ online interests into real-life activities, it gives us a chance to connect about what they’re into on a deeper level, creates opportunities for problem-solving and collaboration and gives us all a reason to go outside and play. A backyard adventure map is quick, easy and inexpensive to create, but it does require a little planning and, if you’ve got one, a willing collaborator. Here’s how you can create your own backyard adventure map.

For our backyard adventure map, I solicited the help of my youngest son. You can create this adventure yourself, but involving a collaborator is a great way to include the younger kids. Creeper99 rolling a clue in preparation for our backyard adventure. At first we thought about kidnapping the dog and making the quest a rescue mission, but one of the would-be adventurers stumbled upon our plan, so instead we decided to make this adventure map a treasure hunt. I think our dog, Gerry, was pretty happy with this plan.

A diagram of our adventure map, showing where we were going to place each clue. We originally drew this on paper, but because we scribbled all over it while trying to figure out where to put the clues, we recreated it on the computer. 2: Plan the Clues and Riddles Once we worked out where to place the clues, we set to work creating them. When you create each clue, it helps to imagine yourself reading it at the location where it will be planted. That way, you can picture in your mind what the adventurer needs to do next. An example of one of our clues. Make sure you let adventurers know what they’ll find when they discover their next clue.