Minecraft map folder

99w Parkour Map for Minecraft 1. 99w Parkour is a parkour map that’s head and shoulders above minecraft map folder the other maps in this category as far as ambitions are concerned because this pack has been designed with goals that you pretty much never see in other parkour maps.

99w Parkour is the kind of parkour map that can be enjoyed in all situations whether you’re by yourself or if you’re playing with your friends. The 99w Parkour map consists of 99 8x8x8 cubes and each individual cube has a level. There’s a pretty massive amount of levels in this game but one of the most impressive things about this map is the fact that each individual level has displays a high level of quality and finesse which shows that a ton of effort went into designing this map. Thanks to the incredible level design, this is a map that never feels repetitive no matter how much time you sink into it.

One of the big highlights of 99w Parkour is the fact that it supports multiplayer and allows players to form up to four different teams. There isn’t really any limit to how many members can be on a team but it’s recommended to keep the amount of players modest because a large number of players might just end up causing issues that would crash the entire map and hinder the gameplay experience for everyone. Press the Windows or Start button, then press R. This will open the Run prompt.

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