Minecraft pe pocket edition

Believe it or not, I only started playing Minecraft minecraft pe pocket edition recently. That sounds crazy considering that I write about videogames but it is what it is. I can’t believe how addictive this game is and I have been trying out some Minecraft PE seeds.

Of course, I didn’t think that I’d be spending days weeks just playing around in creative mode and trying out hundreds of other seeds. I didn’t know what to make of Ireland. I was totally expecting to spawn at a quaint Irish village but instead I was greeted with this view. Not really as impressive as most seeds on this list but it is still a good starting point nonetheless. Imagine being in a village with no land in sight for miles and miles. This is what you can expect from the Ocean Village seed. If you’re brave enough then you might want to go down the depths of the waters surrounding the village or check out its numerous mysteries.

The seed features quarries, overhangs, and some of the best landscapes you’ll ever see in this list. Oh, and there are mountain goats y’all! Seriously, you might want to try out this seed just for that. What can I say about this seed? It has snow, ice spikes, and it looks great! With that said, I’d advise you to load this up on Creative mode and add your personal touches to what is an already neat-looking seed. At first glance this might seem like your run-of-the-mill seed with nothing much happening.

One of the mountains on this seed though has a peculiar feature. It’s middle is all hollowed and from the top you can see that it has its own environment with some animals, trees, and who knows what other kinds of surprises. Nothing really special about the seed other than it has a village and a blacksmith. This seed doesn’t just combine mesa’s and ice spikes it also includes a village and two dungeons! Seriously, this is one seed that you should always have at the ready in case boredom strikes. No, this isn’t Mario and Luigi’s Mushroom Kingdom.

You’ll usually spawn on an island other than the Mushroom Island. Getting to the island is easy though since it’s just straight ahead from your spawn point. With four villages, three blacksmiths, and a dungeon, this is the perfect starting village for players who’d like to start their Minecraft adventure on more manageable terms. There’s nothing much to this seed other than the fact that you’ll spawn really close to a floating piece of land. This is one of those seeds where you can spend hours and still not get enough of. Though at first you might think it’s boring, a trip down one of the mine shafts is bound to change your initial opinion. Don’t just take my word for it though and try it out.

If you answered yes, then this seed might not be for you. This seed is for those who aren’t afraid of enclosed spaces and whatever lurks in the dark. The cave is not only labyrinthine, it’s creepy as well. This is similar to the previous seed as it has an equally impressive cave system. However it also has larger deposits of emerald, gold, lapis, and iron for the taking. This is the ideal seed for those who’d like to mine for the resources that were just mentioned. There’s only one thing I could say about this seed: Impressive.

Although it was initially a 0. 0 seed, you’ll still be able to load it up on 0. Oh, there’s also a mine shaft that might take a while to come across. Don’t worry though since you’ll find videos of how to come across this mine shaft on Youtube. Quite possibly the spookiest seed on this list, the Stronghold is at times is both mysterious and scary.

It’s also really good for exploration since you’ll never know what’s in every corner, nook, and cranny. I actually like this seed due to the reasons stated above. Speaking of spooky, this seed also deserves that adjective. It’s not as spooky as the Stronghold but it can still make the hair of people not made of sterner stuff stand on end.

Just as its name says, this is an island best suited for survival. It would also be more enjoyable if you can gather a couple of your friends together to play. You’re guaranteed to have more than a couple of hours fun exploring what this seed has to offer. Not only does this feature a lush jungle environment, apparently it also has numerous secrets waiting to be discovered too.