Minecraft server team fortress 2

Instantly receive access to up to 7 mega minecraft server team fortress 2 Each plot is 70×70. 7 together There is 1500 custom blocks to choose from using and in game item.

Build on your protected grief free plot and invite other players to join you. Receive coins for hitting lucky blocks, killing players and winning games. Spend the coins on the coin well. 17 different kits, 14 different cells you spawn in, and instant bonus items. ELO Ratings and ranking are displayed in game, see how you match up against other players. Lucky blocks gives one of 200 different surprices including bosses. 24 Different prison mining blocks are unlockable, A-Z.

PVP Areas, Flying, Super Mining Pickaxes that one click explode blocks into your inventory. Rent out plots, cells and black market areas to sell your items to players. Automatic selling items is available and there are shops in the spawn area to buy items from to put in your plots and cells. 3D Vehicles, 40 Different weapons, the categories of weapons are, pistols, shotguns, SMG’s, Sniper Rifles Explosives, Flamethrowers, tasers, energy guns and much more.