Minecraft xbox 360 edition village map seed

He is a creepypasta, he’s fictional. Honestly, I don’t know why people make up stories that they’ve seen him, or heard him, or seen signs minecraft xbox 360 edition village map seed buildings placed by him.

I have seen HEROBRINE in Minecraft Pocket Edition, versions 0. I’ve seen my sheep being dyed gray, instead of white. I built a cow pen after the first version of 0. There was a cow in it. I left the game, and logged back on. The pen AND THE COW was gone. Mojang later patched that update, saying that new builds made were not saved.

This didn’t say anything about animals I later deleted that world. 2 Endermen These guys are hands down the worst. GLANCE at them, they teleport to you and kill you, that’s why I hate the end. They are so creepy, and when you run into them, they make creepy noises. One time, my cousin was playing Minecraft, and I was watching him. I didn’t know, so he spawned it, and we both got so scared when we saw it and heard the noises if made, it was awful.

I make sure to never see an Endermen ever. 3 Cave Ambience I’ve never heard these before, even when I was playing PC for the first time ever. I was only familiar with PE so I was like WHOA! I didn’t know about cave noises then. I didn’t hear any, probably because they were turned off without me knowing. But I know enough about them to agree that it is the scariest thing in Minecraft. I remember when I first played Minecraft and I was having fun, just mining and doing whatever.