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Well, lots of people don’t to be perfectly honest. But lots of people love the little pocket monsters, which youtube minecraft pokemon evident by all the merchandise, TV shows, cartoons, movies and, not least of all, the huge series of video games. Pokemon even find their way into other games too. Pixelmon is probably the most exhaustive Pokemon Mod for Minecraft today.

It features some 637 different potential Pokemon partners, all of which can be caught and tamed in the traditional way. Thankfully you get a Pokemon right from the time you load up your world once you have this mod installed, so you don’t have to go against the wild monsters alone like Ash when he tried to beat his first Pidgey by chucking rocks at it when Pikachu wouldn’t help him. To initiate a fight, you need to chuck your filled Pokeball at another player or a wild Pokemon, whatever it is you’re trying to put the hurt on. This will force you and the target into a situation which is almost exactly like the Pokemon battles from the early Gameboy games. You and your monster will face off against the opponent, if any, and their monster.

Forcing this turn-based system of combat into Minecraft was no small feat. It’s one of the major defining parts of the Pixelmon mod, and it’s also one of the only reasons Pixelmon is still so popular today, years after its initial release. There are lots of other mods out there which just toss a few Pokemon into the game and have them beat you to death like all the other hostile mobs in Minecraft. Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft Changelogs Version 5. 0 Beta 9 for Minecraft 1. Fixed choice items not resetting when swapping held items in battle. Fixed memory leak with boxes, end tables, and Fossil displays.